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I am a student of architecture , i am working on my tese which is designing a meditation center , it is good to mention that i am also using the concept of feng-shui for designing this center . I would be glad if you help me by giving some information through answering these question :

1- in your opinion , what is the best archtectural form ( geometry ) for a meditation center ?
 hexagonal centered toward NORTH or round, but there are in fact very little and very weak reasons to have a meditation center at all !!!
god is everywhere and can be found anywhere by anyone - at home or any place.if god is your true goal - any place - even the worst once - as the ones I have used in earlier years - will be turned immediately into a temple of light by god !!!

2- how much of space we need in this ceter for each person ?
2x2 meter aprox. minimum - 3x3 meter best

3-what is the best material for this center ?
wood !!!!
oak or sandal wood, if not available - any hard wood
NO glue of any chemical kind, no chemicals of any kind at all
the roof MUST be of NON metal and NON plastic.
best tiles in cold countries with wooden insulation
or here in tropical places
a roof of natural leaves (coconut palm leaves or similar such as used frequently in tropical places.

NO synthethic material of any kind !!!
natural rock in a very particular way arranged as basement then wood on top !
or only wood in warm climate zones

4-is there any good sample of  designing ameditation center in the world ?
pyramids of egypt eventhough their shape is different but they used very powerful feng shui methods that are still secret as of today.

the needed divine vibration is given by the presence of the godrealized master of that center !! just make sure that you avoid destroying any natural GOODF vibration of the particular place. god can and will do all the rest if god is called for by all users of a NON commercial meditation center !!

5-what kind of specific spaces do we need in this center for meditation activities ?
just remember that a true meditation center only makes sense if a truly  godrealized person is present in one way or another !!

if I would construct an ashram again - then I would make an individual separate hut for EACH participant - separated by natural growth, grass, AND  the right trees, bushes and flowers leaving at least 5 to 10 meters of natural space between each participant  (depending on the country) as a individual meditation shelter for each godseeker
and a simple round room or proper size for all group acitvities.

large cristals  or large amethist can be used to generate a good and strong vibration in any room. such cristals need to be arranged properly in a very particular way and should be of proper size ( several kg each to be of use)
at the end i would be glad if you answer my question and give me more information to some resources .

god is one resource - coming here an dlearn DIRECTLY from me another. more can be found by YOU searching the world and the web.

just keep in  mind that it is YOUR THESE hence it should be YOUR own researched AND experienced material that you should use for such a these 9 even is theses normally are but mere copies and accumulation of others peoples theses and other resources)
study the material of your these by experiencing all energies and all  aspects of a metitation center and meditation and god as well on your very onw - then only YOU knwo what YOU are writing about. make sure to be fully aware that it is YOUR

      E T E R N A L  and very personal responsibility

what ever you write - YOU an donly YOU are eternally responsible for all effects AND sideeffects YOU cause directly AND / OR indirectly with the proper or WRONG use of YOUR these !!!!

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