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I am a student of architecture , i am working on my tese which is designing a meditation center , it is good to mention that i am also using the concept of feng-shui for designing this center .

see my comments inserted at each answer. please note that feng shui  ALWAYS should be practiced by those actually feeling or seeing all energies involved and NEVER on  a theory-only basis !!!

also be aware that there are many different feng shui traditions.

divine feng shui is NOT known directly to the chinese culture as they are missing a direct godrelationship in their tradition and are using feng shui more to influence customers and their environment rather than to help  and heal ALL.

any further questions will be answered HERE at my place in person only !!! - as spiritual counseling is limited to personal counselling for a personal direct path of love to god only - the cyberspace ashram is a ONE man project with 20'000 us $ ++ expenses yearly paid mainly by my personal income. commercial instruction and guidance is done on a commercial base if the topic is of true spiritual nature and for the benefit of all.

but true spiritual guidance and development is FREE of any commercial project of any kind . commercial world and material world are absolutely obsolete for any true godseeker. elaborating in such world hence makes little if any sense at all.

your topic is of commercial nature and would exceed by far the time and funds available.

but if you are very serious about your these - I shall teach you divine feng shui HERE in the philippines if you take several weeks or months time.

with love and divine bliss

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