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A man's mind is his kingdom

The spiritual development of man has already been described and explained several times in the Solaris news. This contribution is a general survey of the evolution of the human soul. The trinity of body, soul, and mind, which in the West is used again and again as basis for religion and psychology, is, however, only a simplified structuralization of the actual facts. In most cases we only deal with the soul, which is often seen only as an "appendix" of man. (Man has a soul). This is not true at all: Man is the soul and has a body which is mortal. The soul is immortal, it is in perfect harmony with the divine spirit and all one with it, comparable to a wave that springs up in the sea and sinks back into the sea again. But at the moment when it incarnates itself in the world, it has to put on a dress: the body. Many esoteries differentiate between several bodies: some say the human being has three, some say five, some say seven bodies. According to Yogi and Satguru Paramahansa Yogananda there are three fine-structured bodies:

1. Astral body
2. Mental body
3. Causal body

Every spark of soul which is inclosed in matter, tries to find its original home again. But in order to get there, man has to go a thorny way. Born as human being, man always finds himself confronted with decisions he has to take for going a definite way. Every creature that is born as man has got a noble right of his divine parents on its way: He has the freedom to decide by the help of his will in favour of the divine or against it. His conscience helps him to choose between two alternatives. Upwards or downwards, between good and evil, depending on what decision man takes, man develops towards immortal life or towards spiritual death, angel or devil, God or Maya. The development towards God has already been described and explained often and in detail in previous articles. But the contrary was always only glanced at incidentally, partly quite deliberately, in order not to concern ourselves too much with the dark sides of creation. If one concerns oneself too much with the negative powers, these powers can be conjured up and brought to life. But the dangers exist, even when we conceal them. Therefore we want to warn you of them here. If one turns away from God, from the omnipresent, omnipotent love which bears, maintains, preserves, and protects the universe, this has a lot of negative consequences for the life of a creature. Man cuts himself off from love and energy which is inexhaustible, infinite and eternal. He restricts his life to only few things and even nothing. He shuts himself off from his environment and has no thought for anyone but himself. At first this does not seem to be a disadvantage, but like a slow-acting poison disintegrates the body, the lack of love leads to loneliness and illness. If this egoism becomes stronger, also the negative traits of character gain in significance, become stronger and dominate the human being. Then man thinks only of himself and his problems. He blames the others for his misery, to his mind he himself is not to blame at all. He thinks that the others are the egoists, are mean, vindictive and spiteful. But in thinking that way, man does not realize that he is putting the blame for his own faults on the others. Someone is then made the "scapegoat" and is blamed for everything. Thus one always has a clean slate. But in doing so one does not realize at all that one deceives and cheats this way. One wants to win and to be better than the others. The wish to dominate others and to force one's will upon the others becomes stronger and stronger. Therefore one grows more and more inconsiderate in one's actions and uses one's "elbows" in order to achieve one's goal. Thus man also lies and cheats, and uses all dishonest means in order to fulfill his wishes and to have his own way. But at the beginning there always is haughtiness which finally brings man to fall: "Pride goes before a fall". Every human being has also got a certain potential of energy on his way at his birth and this potential of energy determines his future life. Energy (CHI, Prana) in itself is neither good nor evil, but man can use it for good or for evil. The good use their energy in order to help other people, in order to share with others, in order to heal them. The wicked use this energy in order to do someone harm, to take something away from other people, in order to oppress them. If a wicked person has a lot of energy, he uses it in order to fulfill his own wishes, which are in most cases more power, more influence, etc. and he also gets what he strives for from dark powers. Temptation has started. In former times people who were very successful, who were rich and who had everything a man can wish for, were said to have "concluded a pact with the devil". Today one would also say as a joke that he is "lucky at gambling". But I doubt, if this means true happiness. For the same forces that bring man to the top of secular success, are also those forces who bring him to fall again, when he is not needed any more. But nobody shall draw the conclusion that all rich people are wicked. All sweeping judgements and generalizations in this connection are out of place. If a person has little energy, there is rather the danger that he gets caught in a self-centered world of dreams of his own and shows less and less interest in carrying out activities and in taking his life into his hands. These people then show symptoms which correspond to a particular clinical picture: "paranoia", one gets introverted, shows little interest in the environment, does not want to see other people any more, wants to be alone and becomes depressed. A famous example for that was King Ludwig II of Bavaria, who attained fame with his fairy-tale castles (Neuschwanstein). But these people are only victims and chased beings in the eyes of the powers of darkness. Pitiful creatures, who are tortured and exploited until they are driven to despair or commit suicide. The wicked creatures who have much energy are the hunters who do not acknowledge any moral principles any more. Many sects take advantage of the helplessness of the "victims" and establish their own principles of faith and commandments. There are harmless groups who seem to be still firmly convinced themselves to bring the salvation for mankind, but there are also other groups who declare themselves openly as wicked (Church of Satan). In esotericism there are three areas which are called the pillars of the evil: occultism, spiritism and black magic. Occupying oneself with one of these areas or with all three of them inevitably leads downwards, away from God, away from the life-preserving and life-protecting principle. A person who concerns himself with magic practices wants to get more power. Power over other people, over things, over forces, which make him stand out above others, which make him something special. When he attains these powers and when he uses them only to his personal advantage, without helping others with them, this is called black magic. In myths and fairy tales one comes across witches and wizards again and again. But they do exist today, too. In former times they led a secluded life, but today they come forward to the public, pertly and frankly, write books and also try to win disciples. When such a "sorcerer's apprentice" then occupies himself with various magic practices, his attempts are then also crowned with first success by the support from the dark areas. Stimulated by that he now is an easy prey for higher powers of the darkness. As a consequence of the turnaway from the divine source the divine energy flow which provided vitality and joy of living gradually dries up.Therefore a substitute is needed: The vital energy of other people. The further developmental stage is the vampire, who sucks off the vital energy from weak-willed people. The astral shape of such beings changes more and more. Initially there might be still beautiful colours and forms, but they are progressively distorted and turn pale, become glistening and get deceptive. Ugliness dominates. Egoism becomes stronger and stronger and shows no consideration for others any more. Fear spreads and allows more powerful beings to have control of these beings who have nearly become demons or devils. Hatred dominates, overwhelming hatred for everything and even for oneself. The bright inherited quality in these beings has been killed intentionally and systematically. Many little decisions have brought this being more and more into that situation. It has been brought on by his own fault and nobody except himself is responsible for it. Such a being can hardly be helped any more. The divine spark has gone out and the soul has retired. They are only inanimate bodies who still have a certain malicious self-dynamics and who cause mischief. Spiritual death has already occurred and cannot be rescinded any more. The master of hatred has won in this case and has prevented matter from spiritualizing itself. At these deep and dark levels coldness and fear, hatred and despair, dominate. And it is only seldom that helpers succeed in accomplishing anything in these regions. "Everyone carves his own destiny". Everyone is responsible for his fate himself. I myself decide into which direction I go and which temptations I succumb, because I did not have enough power to resist them. Only people who take their fate into their hands, who face up to their responsibilities will be able to enter on their divine inheritance: immortality, eternity, happiness. They are very own attributes of the soul which longs for being reunited with the spirit. It is only then that it will find its satisfaction and reach its destination. Truth, warmth, love, enlightenment, fearlessness, beauty, to open oneself for the infinite, to devote oneself to and to turn towards God, these are the goals that everyone of us can reach if he/she only wants to. We have got the freedom to do so. We have a great responsibility to bear. 

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