The objective of SOLARIS

SOLARIS - a spiritual center
for people who are searching for the truth who are on the way to God

In 1988 SOLARIS, a spiritual center was founded, which had set itself the goal to support all seeking and inquiring people who are searching for the truth and who are on the way to become a true human being. It was our intention to be not only esoteric.

No, a certain orientation and vibration should be recognizable, an orientation toward everything that is sacred, from which "salvation" comes for us human beings.and which thus first heals our soul and our spirit and which later on maybe also hallows them! For this reason we try to offer in our texts and publications above all literature that leads to the divine, to the healing and to the positive.

Our range of supply is very varied:
Yoga, meditation, prayer, Zen, healing, positive view of life, Christian mysticism, astrology, healing by precious stones, aromatic oils and Bachblüten. The vehicles of this message are first of all the writings which can give an impetus to and be a fingerpost for people who are searching for the truth, but which will never be able or never shall substitute the love and spirituality of a human being. All religions and spiritual views pursuing this aim can be found here. From time to time we also organize lectures on these main topics. We invite all people who are intersted in it to come to these events. These lectures are free of charge in contrast to the many seminars which are offered by the heads of the individual seminars at exorbitant prices. Our motto is:

"Love cannot be bought neither at a pharmacy nor anywhere else. You can only give love as a present to someone or be given love as a present."

The name "Solaris" is derived from Sol (Latin) = the sun. In the symbolic language of the subconscious the sun stands for consciousness, brightness, clearness, warmth and also for a transformation of the consciousness. And at our time all of us need a transformation! A transfomation to the positive, to the divine (=love) is of vital necessity if we want to survive. Our SSC shall become an oasis in the desert, a light in the darkness for all people who have not been able to feel this light themselves or who have not experienced this light.

My greatest wish is to be able to present a clear line to all people who come to us, without putting them on the wrong track and without devious ways and means. But it happens again and again that the truth and the wrongness mingle with each other so that this line often is not clearly identifiable. Unfortunately there are already much too many books on the market so that I cannot say exactly these books are "good" and those books are "bad". Everyone shall and has to form his own opinion about them; but I am always willing to be at your disposal for questions or for a conversation.

These lines are an expression of my personal opinion and are no inspiration from "above" (or from "below"). These thoughts are the result of my personal experience and are an expression of a deep conviction. Above all I want to disassociate myself from the many authors who pretend that they have received their insights from "higher entities" and that they are therefore only the mouthpiece of another personality than themselves. Unfortunately recently more and more books are brought on the market which are written by otherwordly authors (spirits) by means of "media" (channeling). As early as the last century media pretended that "enlightened masters" spoke through them. These people were and are only tools of a bodiless entity, who more or less "dictated" their messages to their media. Hereinafter some of these groups which came into being in that way are listed, in order to mention only a few of them:

the theosophical society which published a lot of books or in recent times the movement of the "light workers" which even gives the names of the same masters as the theosophical society. Among the favorite topics of these groups are spiritism, occultism, white as well as black magic, reincarnation, the hierarchy of the masters, etc. That is to say subjects which have nothing in common any more with the real matter of getting healed - being healed .

I could say a lot of more things that I have found out, but I think it is enough to say, "Check the spirits....".

I prefer to quote and worship living masters or those who lived on earth. Examples on the spiritual path can only be those who have experienced all the joys and sorrows of a son of the earth. These "Godmen"  who touched the dust of the earth with their holy feet, all spoke the same language: the language of love the divine love and understanding as well as healing.

They were no scientists, no people who spread knowledge that was taught by intellectuals, but holistic human beings who combined feeling and intellect in a "unio mystica". True masters, real saints did not write books, only their adherents, followers, and disciples described their lives and their teachings. Often also in a very glorified form at the expense of the simplicity of the human being, who only wanted to bring salvation to the world in God's love and who wanted to live God's love.

The real master and saint lives his life quietly and is only an example and a fingerpost for his adherents and admirers. In this connection I would like to mention only some names: "Jesus Christ, Mary - the mother of Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Yogananda, St. Francis of Assisi, Clare, Theresa of Avila, Ramakrishna, John of the Cross, Vivekananda, Don Bosco, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Padre Pio, Ananda, Moyi Ma, Elizabeth of Thuringia and so on ... "

The books about these saints are recommended warmly to every reader of these lines. Studying the thoughts and becoming absorbed in the thoughts of these people can effect a new beginning, a transformation of consciousness which can be the beginning of a better world.

For: "Start with yourself, and you will change the world - not the other way round!"

Those who think that one can make a lot of money in the spiritual field, are completely wrong. Only the normal field of esotericism booms. There are a lot of fairs dealing with esotericism and bookshops selling books on esotericism, especially in Vienna. But what is offered in this field? Only superstition and heresy, fortune-tellers who use cards, palmists, media, and esoteric accessories, from pendula to necklaces of semiprecious stones nearly everything is gotten rid of andbought by women and by men, and a spiritual orientation can hardly be found. Formerly I still had the hope that it would be possible to change people by writing and selling spiritual literature, but now I have to realize that this is not possible. Books alone can give an impetus to think one's life over, maybe even to change it, but in order to renew people thoroughly there must be something more.

It is only the love of God that works the miracle to make angels out of men. This divine love issues from the wellspring and everybody who receives it becomes a new human being. The old human being dies and a new human being receives the grace and love of God.

In the year 1996 a new idea was born: SOLARIS should be a virtual center for spiritual people.

The internet as a means of communication and source of information was now not only reserved for universities and the military any more, but became accessible to everyone, who could "surf" around the world by means of a computer and a modem. All articles that have ever appeared in the SOLARIS-news have been published now under the internet address "". The readers of the SOLARIS-news who did not get all issues can now read the articles in the internet, download them on their on PC or have them printed out.
In contrast to a book or a TV-set, which could convey the information only one-sidedly - since the reader or the spectator does not have the possibility to get into contact with the author or the director or to put questions to him (passive reception of the contents), it is now possible to send so-called e-mails to the "SOLARIS Spiritual Center" addressed to "" which will also be answered in most cases (active participation in the contents).  The goal was to give information, support and more to all people who are interested in spiritual questions. Together with a friend of many years who assisted efficaciously in the page layout, the homepage of "SOLARIS Spiritual Center" became more and more extensive and diverse in the course of time. The domain of yoga (understood as spiritual way of exercise) lies in the hands of A. Ballabene (Guru Vayu) and has considerably changed within the course of last year not only with regard to contents, but also with regard to the optical effect. Now even yoga-lessons are available which offer a first insight into a spiritual world. But one thing has not changed within the course of years:

The spiritual orientation toward the divine, which will always be the goal and the way of our lives.

In the middle of 1998 it was clear that there was only one thing still missing: a publisher who would also publish all spiritual articles and writings. A divison of LAST&CO was founded under the name of
"SSE - SOLARIS Spiritual Edition (c)". Under this name all books and writings which lead to God will be published and offered in future. The publisher's program is varied and reaches from books for children to spiritual fantasy-novels, from bound books with colored illustrations to CD-ROMs with internet texts:

Publisher's catalog (German written Edition) of  "SSE - SOLARIS Spiritual Edition (c)",
the publishing house for books and a great many articles from the spiritual sphere.

Inquiries, orders via e-mail to:, Austria. Europe or by fax to FAX-no.: 00431-6897566-29

SOLARIS Spiritual Edition, Ober-Laaer Straße 78, A-1100 Vienna, Austria.

To wind up I would like to wish only one thing to all readers of this issue:
"May God's peace and God's blessing be with you on all your ways."

Amen - OM Shanti Om

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